Annexus WA offer Siliconised Silicon Carbide (SiSiC) as a standard ceramic lining for all our Hydrocyclones. This is a premium ceramic and is typically the most cost-effective material for this application. We also offer Alumina (Al2O3 purity levels 92%-999.8%) ceramic lining for increased chemical resistance and higher impact toughness. We offer Sintered Silicon Carbide (SSiC) for higher wear resistance where impact angles and partial sizes are at reduced levels.

Typically we supply ceramic linings encased in a polyurethane housing which aids in overall reduction in the gross weight of the replacement part as well protecting the ceramic during shipment, handling and the application process.


Annexus WA has the experience in designing and supplying wear solutions for new and challenging applications. We have a passion for providing innovative solutions that deliver performance results that may have not been thought possible. With no limitations to material selection or manufacturing techniques Annexus WA is uniquely positioned to evaluate the requirement and recommend a solution.


Annexus WA manufactures products to the best design practise using the most suitable ceramic based materials ensuring durability, practicality and cost are forefront.

Reducing long term maintenance for our customers, increasing plant efficiency and consistency of performance is our goal

The life of the kiln car can therefore be prolonged significantly by using our product range with the outcome of reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


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Viaduct Blocks (Draft Blocks)
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