Annexus WA offers a comprehensive range of wear resistant and refractory components for the harsh abrasive conditions encountered in the heavy clay based manufacturing environments.

Annexus WA has the ability to customise our product range depending on your individual requirements.

Pug Knives and Paddles are used to mix clay in the Heavy Clay Manufacturing Industry.

SiSiC ceramic components are mounted onto a steel structure with a polymeric bond; forming a product that is both hard wearing and resilient. The extreme hardness and high density of the SiSiC ceramic lead to wear ratio typically 10 -15 times higher than hi-chrome steel and/or Nihard equivalents.
 Power savings due to weight reductions.
 Less down time due to less change overs.
 Lower maintenance costs.
 Durability
 Performance
 Wear/Thermal Advantages

The Ceramic Brick Core Buttons and Burner Nozzles are lighter than the traditional Hi-Chrome/Nihard material. They are easy to use and require no modifications to the existing manufactures systems.

These silicon carbide products reduce maintenance time due to less change overs and therefore result in cost savings. .


 Tap Core Buttons
 Ceramic Burners
 Pug Knives
 Paddles