We offer a comprehensive range of kiln car refractory and can customise our product range to suit your individual needs. We use a cordierite-mullite material that works very well in operating temperatures below 1300°C and has been developed with the following properties:

  • High compression strength
  • High impact resistance
  • Lower expansion rate
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Good thermal efficiency
  • Long service life

These properties increase the lifespan of the kiln car refractory signi cantly, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Providing our customer with the important bene t of keeping their eet of kiln cars in the circuit for longer, increasing e ciencies and pro tability.

Our product range comprises of light weight kiln car sub and superstructures, built with Perforated Batts, Viaduct Blocks, Support Blocks, Extruded Batts, Draught Hold Blocks, Deck blocks, Perimeter blocks and the full Kiln car supports and complete base structure.

Of the total heat input during a normal ring cycle, the kiln car base will consume somewhere between 15-50% of this energy. The present system of using insulating bricks to construct the perimeter of the kiln car is prone to cracking and deformation which in turn leads to poor seals between the kiln cars and the kiln as well as between the cars them- selves. This at worst can lead to heat transfer to the steel structure of the cars and particularly to the bearings causing deformation and seizure. We have developed a perimeter block system design to eliminate all the above-mentioned problems. By employing the latest designs in the kiln car system signi cant energy savings can be achieved. The extruded hollow blocks t together to form the perfect shaped kiln car perimeter, not only improving the seal, by also reducing the refractory weight of the car.

We offer a comprehensive range of kiln car refractory and have the ability to customise our product range depending on your individual requirements. The material used (Cordierite Mullite) in the production of our refractory is characterised as having a lower thermal expansion rate and higher thermal shock resistance.

The life of the kiln car can therefore be prolonged significantly by using our product range with the outcome of reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


Perimeter Blocks
Deck Blocks
Viaduct Blocks (Draft Blocks)
Kiln Car Base Structure