• Parallelogram
  • Parallelogram Top Link
  • Parallelogram Side Link
  • Parallelogram Bottom Link
  • Booster Plate
  • Nylon Coated Hinge Pin
  • Hinge Pin Assembly Kit
  • DW 5414

a) DW 5430 ( Hinge Pin )
b) DW 5432 ( Roll Pin )
c) DW 5431 ( O Ring )

  • Hinge O-Ring
  • Hinge Roll Pi
  • Wrapping 0450mm – 2400mm

Product Description

The Parallelogram ensures that the cleaner blades maintain the optimal belt blade angle irrespective of blade wear
Each 150 mm blade section is mounted on its own parallelogram. This ensures that the belt and blade wear are optimally accommodated for one air bladder supports all parallelograms on a given cleaner unit so that every blade will have equal belt-to-blade pressure in spite of wear the Parallelogram hinge pins are sealed units therefore they are not susceptible to corrosive and/or fine particle material