Quality In Everything We Do

Annexus WA was established in 2013 for three important reasons;
Firstly we wanted to shorten the supply chain of quality Fire Assay Consumables to the Fire Assay Industry by providing you product direct from source to site. Secondly; we want to offer you a complete package by managing the procurement cycle, design, engineering, production, quality assurance, clearance and delivery of product to the elected destination. And thirdly we want to offer you a comprehensive range of consumables. All our products are produced using fully automated equipment ensuring the consistent delivery of high quality products


We offer a comprehensive range of sizes and have the ability to make custom sizes depending on our customers’ requirements. Our range of crucibles have a well-deserved reputation in the market for multiple firings. The material used provides high thermal shock and corrosion resistant properties ensuring longer use. This provides our costumer with the important benefits of reducing cost per firing ultimately increasing profitability..