A few words about us


Annexus WA offers a wide range of industrial ceramic products and materials to suit a range of applications on site. Our ceramic products offer significant cost savings compared with the traditional OEM products, due to their design and material properties.

Annexus WA’s aim is twofold, firstly; we want to shorten the supply chain of high quality industrial ceramics products to the market by offering you product direct from the source to your site. Secondly; we want to offer you the complete package. We will manage the design, engineering, procurement, production, quality assurance, clearance and delivery to the chosen destination.

We supply ceramic solutions to customers throughout Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, SEA, North and South America. Annexus WA has experience in designing and supplying thermal solutions for new and challenging applications. We have a passion for providing innovative solutions that deliver performance results that may have not been thought possible. With no limitations to material selection or manufacturing techniques Annexus WA is uniquely positioned to evaluate the requirement and recommend a solution.


Our Vision is to attain business excellence and success through the delivery of our six core values:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Taking care of our people
  • Building strong relationships
  • Integrity in our advice
  • Supporting those that support us
  • Environmentally conscious