FAC Consumables

We have an extensive range of approved re assay consumables. Our range has been trialled and quali ed by leading international re assay laboratories. Although based in Australia, Annexus WA supplies our comprehensive range of products to customers around the world (Africa, Australia, Asia, SEA, Europe, North and South America).

Our aim is to shorten the supply chain and supply product direct from our manufacturing facility to your chosen destination (Laboratory or Warehouse).

Annexus WA can o er you a complete package by managing the procurement cycle, design, engineering, production, quality assurance, clearance and delivery of our range to your facility.

Annexus WA will either produce and hold stock for smaller deliveries (cartons, pallets, crates, LCL) or deliver larger volumes (20/40fcl) direct to your facility.

All our products are produced using fully automated equipment ensuring the consistent delivery of high- quality products.


As the cupellation process is the last step in the Fire Assaying process it is critical that accuracy and consistency of supply is adhered too. Our aim is to supply cupels with a high magnesia content and low moisture percentage to ensure correct absorption levels and reduction in cracking. Temperature range 900 – 1000°C

In addition to the below listed sizes Annexus WA can customise our range to suit your individual needs.


We o er a comprehensive range of crucible sizes and have the ability to make custom sizes depending on our customers’ requirements. Our range of crucibles have a well-deserved reputation in the market for multiple rings. The material used provides high thermal shock and corrosion resistant properties ensuring a longer multi use crucible. This provides our costumer with the important bene ts of reducing the cost per ring and ultimately increasing pro tability.

Uniformly dimensional crucibles are crucial in modern assaying equipment and as such Annexus WA crucibles are produced using fully automated equipment ensuring the consistent delivery of a high-quality product.


Annexus WA supply a high quality cordierite- mullite Kiln Batt, these batts will go a long way to help preserve the oor of your kiln and thus the life span of your kiln itself. We o er a comprehensive range of Kiln Batt sizes and if these sizes are not what you are looking for, please let us know as we can manufacture or cut to your requirements. The Cordierite- Mullite material o ers a high temperature, thermal resistance solution. Maximum operating temperature of 1300°C


Annexus WA supplies an extensive range of replacement D-Mould Mu es and Vents for your cupellation furnaces. The Annexus WA mu es and vents are renowned for extending the maintenance requirements for high usage furnaces therefore reducing operational downtime, maintenance and repair costs.

No. 3 Mu e & Vent     No. 6 Mu e & Vent
No. 4 Mu e & Vent     No. 7 Mu e & Vent
No. 5 Mu e & Vent     No. 8 Mu e & Vent

Annexus WA uses the most chemically suitable raw materials to meet the robust handling and temperature requirements of the precious metal assayers. The material formulation and ring methodology produces high quality, long lasting furnace liners that have exceptional thermal conductivity. Annexus WA red silicon carbide liners outlast and out preform any comparable cast refractory liner available.


Annexus WA o er a range of bre blankets and boards to the industry. We have a range of densities, sizes and weights available. Our blankets and boards are packed in cartons to ensure protection and can be supplied individually or palletised for ease of delivery and application.


Annexus WA supply a range of Ceramic Anchors used to secure bre blanket to the furnace door. These are an industry standard product and can be supplied with round or square holes, with or without bolts. We will be happy to work with you on your requirement.


Annexus WA supplies high grade ceramics for analytical services including academic research, exploration, environmental baseline studies, re ned metals analysis and mine development and production.

Annexus WA design and manufacture a wide range of innovative, long lasting and cost-e ective laboratory products. We use a range of materials depending on the nature of the application, (non-porous, 99.7% purity alumina, silicon carbide supporting components, cordorite-mullite kiln furniture, fused silica, Zirconia).